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Welcome to Zekiah Glass!

Located in Farnham, Virginia, I provide an intimate and personable experience as one of the few Arts and Crafts Classes and Bed & Breakfast combinations. Not only do I offer a two-day, stained glass informative class, but also board accommodations, home-cooked meals, a model helicopter flight school, and all on a relaxing waterfront. I also host a selection of Stained Glass Art and Stained Glass Panels, available for sale.

No matter what you are looking for, I am here to entertain and encourage your creativity by working with you to create the best menus and experience you will have while visiting. This means I handle no more than four people per party to adequately arrange for that personal touch to the entire experience, even if that means exploring the area around the bay, instead of the classes. This is the perfect opportunity for families, friends, or couples to just retreat from daily life by enjoying some relaxing and fun hospitality you will never forget.

Contact me today to learn more about stained glass art or for more information on any of my classes in Farnham.


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