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Our goal at Zekiah Glass is to offer you an entertaining stained glass class you'll never forget. We will teach you faster, easier techniques to create stained glass in the traditional way. If you want to get the full benefit of the experience, stay with us at Chestnut Cove B&B and relax in our comfortable waterfront cottage for a two or three day getaway.

You can take the Basic two-day class with no prior experience of any kind - all you need is the desire to learn. We provide the use of all the tools and equipment you will need to create your own framed original glass art.

Alternatively, if you have worked in stained glass previously and have a basic knowledge, you can tailor an advanced workshop to encompass whatever particular facets of the stained glass process you wish to perfect.

You will create and complete your own original stained glass panel in this informative class. Class size is one to four students, so you always receive plenty of individual attention as you progress.

A typical first day of class begins with a hearty breakfast served in the Creek Room. Enjoy a panoramic view of Morattico Creek and its waterfowl while you feast on home-baked goodies.

Class begins at 9 a.m. in the studio. The first task is to choose and create a design, then to select the glass. Next, you learn to cut glass using traditional hand tools. By lunchtime, you will have cut and fit one or two pieces of your panel.
Lunch is served in the Creek Room, or on the deck if weather allows. You enjoy an hour's well-deserved break.
Back to class until 6 p.m. You will continue cutting and fitting each piece of glass and apply copper foil to each to ready it for the soldering on the second day.
At 6 p.m. you are free to venture out to a restaurant of your choice for an evening of relaxation. The grounds, pier, and central part of the house are yours to enjoy as our guests.
Below are some photos of some of our previous guests and their works of art. Most are first-time projects, but we have many return guests and they often progress to more complicated and intricate panels on their successive visits. Occasionally, someone will have a really large project and we spend several days to complete it. Lisa and Elly's beautiful victorian panel took three intensive days for the three of us to complete - and it's mostly in lead, which is even more difficult than copper foil.
Lisa and Eleanor are sisters, both extremely talented and great fun. Both have become good friends as well as welcome return guests since their first visit to learn the basics of stained glass.  I could fill the web site with their creations!  This is one of my favorites.  A Christmas present for their mom, we spent three very busy days creating this stunning Victorian panel that now hangs in mom's home.  How's that for the person who has everything!
Lisa and Ellie's Victorian Stain Glass Panel
Cheri with her stain glass panel made in class
Cherie and her good friend Donna (pictured in Student Album) came for a girls weekend, away from their usually busy routines.  You can see how pleased Cheri was with this elegant pair of swans.  It is one of my favorite scenes, and she chose beautiful glass for the background water that really highlights the graceful lines of the swans.
Fab Four - Sharon, Christy, Linda and Terri really kept me hopping!  It was a dynamic girls getaway weekend, and they had so much energy I couldn't wear them out - non-stop laughing and cutting up (a little glass humor), and what wonderful panels they made!
Fab Four showing their panels after a group class
We are flexible on class size - I can have a one-person class or a four person funfest, as you can see with the photo of Sharon, Christy, Linda and Terri - I call them the Fab Four. These four ladies made some gorgeous glass, and had a great ladies getaway in the process.
Click here to view our Student Album showing some of the many students who have learned stained glass at Zekiah Glass.
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